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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hardware Review: iPhone 4

Ever since Apple created the iPhone, they've never looked back. They have constantly updated and improved their phones. The first iPhone I ever purchased was the 3G. I loved this phone at the time, but I soon fell in love when I purchased the iPhone 4. Its sleek and stylish design is complimented by the way it runs. 

Display-The 3.5" Retina display is just immaculate! The only screen that could come close to the quality of picture is the Samsung Galaxy S II's SAMOLED Plus. With a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, its the highest-resolution phone screen ever. 

Processor-The 'A4' chip that the iPhone 4 uses as its processor certainly fits the bill of a good quality processor. It was designed to be powerful, yet efficient. It definitely is. They believe it is the key to the iPhone's extended battery life. This clever little chip enables the iPhone to have a multi-tasking feature, meaning you can have applications running in the background constantly, without the worry of system lag.

Memory-The iPhone 4 can be bought with either 16Gb, 32Gb or 64Gb of internal memory. Even with 16Gb, you can have lots of apps, along with thousands of songs and photo's.

Weight and Depth-With the iPhone 4 being only 9.3mm thick, its truly a joy to hold. It sits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It is not the thinnest phone on the market, but i believe it is a nice size. It weighs in total 137 grams, which makes it weighty enough to feel like it isn't going to be damaged easier, yet it isn't going to weigh your pocket down like a lead-balloon.

Battery-iPhone's are often scrutinised over their poor battery life, but with the 4, that's not the case. Like with nearly every other leading smartphone, it does need charging over night, but that is only after a day of playing music, playing games, calling, texting and using social networking sites.

Camera- The iPhone's 5 megapixel, does the job. It's nothing special, yet it still takes a wonderful photograph. Its clever rear illumination sensor makes it possible for you to take those heat of the moment snaps in low-light areas, which of course can be helped by the ever-bright LED torch. The front facing camera, is really the bare minimum. I have used it many a time, and I really do think it could be improved. When using the FaceTime feature, i find it quite blurry. 
Buttons-With no need for button due to the touch-screen, Apple have kept it as simple as possible. Due to its sleek design, Apple had to be clever with the design of buttons, and my gosh they were. The home button situated on the front digitizer never looks out of place, with its shiny finish which matched the glass. The two volume buttons on the left-side of the device are also a treat. Their rounded finish fits in sumptuously, along with the mute switch. I also like the way they made them the same colour as the bezel. Finally, the power button on top. Like the volume buttons, it is rounded and matches the colour of the bezel, which i think is nice, and very stylish.   

Conclusion-On the whole, it is a very pleasing phone to use, but it still has its down-falls. The fact that Apple first released it with a major signal fault was a terrible off-put. I've found when using a 3G connection all day, the battery life decreases rapidly. Worst of all, I believe the prices are ridiculous. Unless you are in the US, and on an AT&T contract, you are really going to be short-changed when buying an Apple phone. 




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