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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

App review: Visidon Applock (free)

With Android 4.0 including facial recognition for unlocking apps, until it was released for me I have decided to try out a similar feature that comes with the product 'Visidon Applock'.

The concept is very simple: When you go to open a protected app you will be prompted to point the camera at your lovely face and allow the app too 'read' it and, if it matches the pictures you've captured in the database, then you'll be in!

This feature proves to be very functional and useful as it abolishes the input of annoying passwords. 

However it's not perfect. If you're in the dark then the camera will have trouble recognizing you, and I have to admit to my friend actually unlocking my phone with his face once (this was rectified by cranking up the security option)! 

There is a by-pass with password option, so don't think you're doomed if you're having trouble accessing your things due to camera issues. 




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