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Sunday, 22 January 2012

App Review: wp clock (free)

My wp clock arrangement. 
This is just to show you customization. 
About a week ago I decided that I needed a home-screen that was both tidy and well presented as well as being functional and aesthetically pleasing. After a little while scouring the market place I stumbled upon 'wp clock'. This is a free download with no adds that is truly perfect for me.

It has 15 language options, ability to customize the color and opacity of text, animations and transitions, background options and various other displays rather than just a clock. The image I have screen captured shows how I use it, I have Wi-Fi or 3G display along with battery percentage and the date and time. However, it is counted as a live-wallpaper and so probably uses alot of battery life (I can't say I have noticed this but possibly).

It looks sleek and well presented. An excellent app that functions exactly as it should. 10/10.



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