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Monday, 30 January 2012

App Review: Super Stickman Golf

I'm sure that I am not the only smartphone user who enjoys neat little games on their device, and with offerings such as Angry Birds and Doodle Jump there is a benchmark. Super Stickman Golf fulfills that for me. It is a part of feint gaming so you can log on and compare scores with your friends. The premise is simple enough, if you like golf but aren't 'technically able' like me then this should feed your thirst. 

There are beginner, intermediate and advanced courses on offer all with a plethora of levels available for play so you will not run out of gameplay any time soon. And if you do finally manage to complete all of those levels, multiplayer local online is available with up to 4 players! There is both an iOS version as well as an Android version, however the online multiplayer is currently only available to the paid iOS version. The paid version for iOS is currently on sale at $0.99 so grab it while you can! 

All in all I am very happy with Super Stickman Golf, it has never crashed, the gameplay is smooth and structured and you don't have to be a pro to have fun.



Friday, 27 January 2012

App Review: Pimp Your Lockscreen

As I have said before, iPhone's are terrible for customisation. There are many apps that have tried to change this, and failed. Personally, I have tried many of these apps. I came across 'Pimp your Lockscreen' about 3 weeks ago. I thought it would be different from the others, but yet I was once again let down. I found the app to simply contain wallpapers for the home-screen.As this is a paid app, I thought it would be much better. There weren't that many options, yet there were many wallpapers. Nothing stood out to prove that it would 'Pimp' my iPhone. I was left majorly dissapointed, knowing that my iPhone would look no different.



App Review: Lingual (Jailbreak Required)

I'm sure you are all more than aware of the exceptionally functional Siri function on the iPhone 4S. Now we all know that it will successfully respond to your questions and inquiries without issue but what if you could ask it to translate some dialogue into a foreign language? If the competence of Siri was as astounding on an app like that it would be amazing surely? Well as luck would have it a developer who calls them self CodeThemed has done exactly that.

CodeThemed has named this app Lingual (inventive I know). Lingual manipulates your Siri commands and translates them into the stipulated language. Lingual claims to translate into over 30 languages at the press of your home button. With promises of further updates to the already extensive list of lingual support surely this deserves your time?

Lingual currently supports these languages with more to come:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (simplified + traditional)
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • German
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Haitian
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Lithuanian
  • Latvian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Slovene
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese 

So that's about all I have to say until I can try it for myself guys. From what I have seen the app seems to function flawlessly and seems to be an excellent add-on to any 4S user experience. And finally, for those who have ported Siri to their previous iDevices it is still functional on those aswell. Thanks for reading folks, leave me any comments on your thoughts below. 


Thank you!

Just a very quick message to thank everyone who has viewed our blog. We managed to get over 1200 page views in 4 days which has far exceeded our expectations. We will continue to work hard to bring you the latest news in technology. Once again, a sincere thank you for your time.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hardware Review: MacBook (2008)

The All White Finish Looks Great.
Doing a quick hardware review for you guys, had a couple of emails inquiring about my computer so thought I would oblige. I am currently operating the old-shape MacBook running Mac OS X. It has a 2.1 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core 2 processor supporting the 1GB of ram available. It has 120GB's of hard drive memory, although the stats aren't outstanding the operation is still smooth. As I rarely run any programs that are too tasking I don't encounter much lag, however I think the reason I don't run these programs is that I feel limited. However, as a student it makes a great little notebook. With the 13' inch display making it very portable and the candy white finish keeping the aesthetic appeal up you'll never feel disappointed when you look at it.

Overall, I am impressed with the build quality of my Mac, I use it everyday and there are no major impediments. I have all the ports I need, it was an affordable price and it operates nicely. When I can get a job I think I will upgrade to the latest edition MacBook Pro. What do you guys think? Is Mac the way ahead or should I give Windows another go?

App Review: Steam

An example of the store.
Valve studio recently released an anticipated official Steam app. For those who aren't aware of what Steam is exactly, it basically is the program upon which most PC gamers run their titles. Of course the app is fairly limited, only allowing quite primitive functions. But you can message on it, buy games, add titles to your wishlist and monitor friend activity. It is (not surprisingly reminiscent to the Xbox Live application on Windows Phone devices. A welcome addition I'm sure to PC gamers.

I think it's a great thing that mobile devices are becoming more and more ingratiated into various tasks so as to make full use of them. What do you guys think? 


App Review: 360 Live

360 Live is a brilliant app on the Apple App Store, that enables you to log into your Xbox Live membership account. Xavier Larrea, the creator, has come up with this great app, meaning you can stay on top of your account, even though your away from the console. 

The application is really aesthetically pleasing, with a lovely green colour scheme that matches the Microsoft console. You can log into many different account that you have, so you can check if you have any mail from fellow gamers. You can also keep up to date with what everyone is playing, as it shows all of your friends online, and what game they are playing. From this app you can also see how much membership time you have left, and how many Microsoft points you have. 

I find this application really simple and easy to use, making sure I stay in touch with my gaming community. As it's free, you'd be a fool not to download.



News: Kinect-droid?

An ingenious Android developer has brought the motion control abilities of the Xbox 360-Kinect and paired them with his Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Pretty cool right?

The kit used.
You would think that it would be hugely complicated but actually it seems relatively simple. He connected his Kinect to a Windows PC running 'Simple Kinect Touch'. This program sends TUIO commands to his Nexus running TuioForAndroid. These commands are then translated right in to the phone's direct OS as touch events allowing complete control over his Nexus. All he has to do then is connect his device to a projector through an MHL converter for the actual display. 

N.B If you want to attempt this your device has to be rooted
       as it requires a custom ROM allowing system access so
       the commands can be injected in to touch events. 

I think that this is a really cool idea and that if he used a good tablet it would be so much more useful. However, I'm not as convinced about using a phone. Not only does it render the beautiful Samoled+ HD display useless during usage but I just can't think why I would want it other than to view media. Still though, a very cool little setup. What do you think?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

App review: Visidon Applock (free)

With Android 4.0 including facial recognition for unlocking apps, until it was released for me I have decided to try out a similar feature that comes with the product 'Visidon Applock'.

The concept is very simple: When you go to open a protected app you will be prompted to point the camera at your lovely face and allow the app too 'read' it and, if it matches the pictures you've captured in the database, then you'll be in!

This feature proves to be very functional and useful as it abolishes the input of annoying passwords. 

However it's not perfect. If you're in the dark then the camera will have trouble recognizing you, and I have to admit to my friend actually unlocking my phone with his face once (this was rectified by cranking up the security option)! 

There is a by-pass with password option, so don't think you're doomed if you're having trouble accessing your things due to camera issues. 



News: Apple Have An Astounding First Quarter

Its nothing new to hear that Apple are successful right? But the latest release of the figures for their first quarter is simply outstanding. In the 14 week span Apple reported a total profit of 13.6 billion dollars. The recorded time ended on the 31st of December 2011. Just some food for thought, that amounts to around 971 million dollars every single week. 

The corporate giants have done it again.
Apple managed to supply 37 million iPhones, 128% more than last year. The iPhone wasn't the only star of the show though, the iPad sold over 15 million units which is another growth of 111% compared to 2010. Not every product has outsold itself though, the iPod sold 15.4 million iPods in the first quarter of this year which is 11% less than last year. 

Do these figures suggest the end of the iPod? Have other idevices pushed it aside, I hope not. Apple is all about media so all of their products have a great media player pre-installed rendering the iPod somewhat useless. What do you think about these insane figures? Let us know in the comments section.


News: Samsung Tab 10.1 Is Being Used In Every Pod Of The London Eye!

London eye - samsung galaxy tab 10.1
The Galaxy Tab is branching out.
Samsung's hugely successful tablet has been installed inside every pod of the London Eye! The tablet will serve as a refreshing replacement to a pamphlet offering viewers an interactive guide to London so users have a better understanding of what they are looking at. There are a total of 6 tablets per pod so no-one will be left feeling disappointed. The tablet also offers a 360 degree panoramic display of the surrounding environment. I just wonder whether glare from the sun might affect your viewing experience, having said that in Britain I suppose it's not really a concern.

I really like this idea and think that investors to attractions like this should employ more tablet devices into the customers visit. I know I would be pleased if I was handed a nice tablet to accompany me wherever I was. What do you think about this? Is it an unnecessary accessory? Are we becoming somewhat obsessive over our tech these days? Let us know with some comments.


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

App Review: Temple Run (iOS)

A nice Aztec style icon.
I noticed my friend transfixed more than usual on his iPad yesterday and as I went to check what it was he was gaping at I first saw Temple Run. Temple Run is a fun, addictive app available for free download on the AppStore. 

The odd creatures mid pursuit.
The App is developers Imangi Studios most installed app and I can see why. The app makes full use of users processing power with 3D animations and high frame count per second. You are an explorer in a labyrinth-esque temple escaping the reach of some odd creatures. But thankfully you don't play this game for the riveting story line. The explorer is controlled with simple wipe and tilt controls that work perfectly. Using an original 3D running mechanics program the player turns, jumps, slides and tilts without effort or strain. Trust me, it makes for an excellent/addictive app perfect for any free time you have.

As you make progress in the temple you will collect coins which enable level-ups and perks. I like this feature as it did give me a reason to try again where I might otherwise just admit defeat. You have seven choices of an astray collection of characters available for the exchange of thousands of your collected coins.

A downside to the app however is that it is another app where although perks are available they are difficult to achieve without actually investing real money into a vast amount of coins. So bare this in mind when complimenting the developers generosity in keeping the app free of download charge. 

Overall I am thoroughly happy with my download and currently crave a spare few minutes to have another go. 



App review: Circle Launcher (free)

Like many users I like to keep my maximum screens on my launcher to a low number, regardless of whether this applies to you or not, Circle Launcher can definitely help you organize your home screen while maintaining a clean look.

The app is very easy to use. Choose which screen you want it on, long press, choose widget, pick circle launcher. Done. You have 4 size widgets to choose, from a 1x2 to customizing how large you want it to appear. Once you pick your size widget, you’ll be provided a menu:

  • Launcher Type gives you the choice to launch apps, contacts, and bookmarks

  • Selected apps is to scroll through your applications, contacts, and bookmarks

  • Launcher style is to pick if your apps, contacts, and bookmarks are launched in a circle or a vertical or a horizontal line (vertical and horizontal choices are only for the paid version)

  • Launcher icon gives you your color choices for the circle screen widget or choose your own icon.
This app really comes in handy if you tend to have a good number of games installed like I do (I have around 23 right now installed). One cool feature is that you can set a blur background in the settings so that your background goes translucent and your app choices pop out.

To conclude, Circle Launcher adds well-needed functionality  and organization to the app-laden home screen many of us have to confront when we unlock our screens.

App Review: WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp has always been in the top 25 apps of the week since I can remember. Due to this, I thought I would give the company my 69p and download this cross-platform chat application. I've had this app for a few months now, and I'm bitterly disappointed. In my opinion, it's the same as any other cross-platform chat app, such as 'Kik Messenger' which is free. Its user face compares to the one of the original 'Messages' application. It is really simple to use, but It just doesn't stand out to me. If anything, it's too simple. 

I've found that this application likes to shut-down a lot, not just on iPhone's either. I installed this app on a fellow colleagues BlackBerry, and after around 10 minutes of 'chatting' to one another, it simply closed and logged my colleague out. 

It says that it's different because there are no 'hidden' costs after purchase. This may be the case, but other messengers have no 'hidden' costs, and no purchase cost either.

To conclude, I was very disappointed with this application. It was not money well spent, and I finally removed it from my device. I wouldn't really recommend this product, as there are much better alternatives. 



Sunday, 22 January 2012

Extensive Android Overview & History

Android OS is the world's most popluar mobile platform, powering millions of phones and tablets, amongst other devices. It is a Linux-based operating system developed by the Open Handset Alliance. Android was unvield in 2007, and has always been released by Google as open souce, meaning anyone can develop applications for the platform. Most developers write on a customised version of Java. There are more than 400,000 apps available for download at this time. Around a staggering 10 billion android apps have been downloaded. Since it's first platform release of Android 1.5, codenamed 'Cupcake', it has released six more versions to date.
  • Android 1.5 - Cupcake
  • Android 1.6 - Donut
  • Android 2.1 - Eclair
  • Android 2.2 - Froyo
  • Android 2.3 - Gingerbread
    • Android 2.3.2
    • Android 2.3.3
    • Android 2.3.7
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb
    • Android 3.1
    • Android 3.2
  • Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich
    • Android 4.0.2
    • Android 4.0.3
Lets take a look at the primary features of Android.


The Android browser is very fast and is packed with handy features. It enables you to view multiple pages at once, and on many handsets boasts a pinch to zoom feature. You also have the option of syncing your bookmarks via Google, and save pages as shortcuts on your home screen.


Gmail makes email on your handset as easy and attractive as I have ever seen. The ability to sync your Google contacts easily is a massive plus and add this to the fact that your are able to add labels to your emails, like you can on your computer, it has to be one of the easiest email apps to use.


Android is very customisable platform, and widgets is a sizeable part of this. Android lets you add widgets to your homescreen, which allows you to interact with your favourite apps easily. Widgets can be fun, usefull, convienient, attractive, or maybe all these things. There are many widgets packs available for download on the android market, such as Beautiful widgets and Fancy Widgets.

Android Market

Google's own Android market has over 400,000 apps, with over 10 billion downloads. The market is open to any developer which negatively can mean a clutter of useless, unreliable apps in the market, although most of these apps are taken down by Google. The open market can also be a good thing, meaning that apps don't have to pass a certain requirement, like the Apple store.

Google Maps

Google maps comes with most devices as standard, and can also be downloaded from the market. The maps package come with Latitude, Places and an impressive Naviagtion service. Not to mention the brilliant street view that can be added. Most amazingly, Google Earth can also be downloaded from the market, and I found, despite my origional fears, that the app was very smooth and easily used. Google Maps 5.0 has just been released, and can be updated using the Android Market.

Voice Control

Your android device can also listen to you. Using your voice, you can command your Android to do numerous different things, including dialing and writing text messages. This feature supports more than 20 languages too.

Face Unlock

Face Unlock
This feature has only just been released as part of Android 4.0 software. Only some phones have this feature, but the number is sure to rise in the future. It uses state of the art facially recognition to unlock your phone easily and fast. It is a fantastic and fun feature, but I, amongst other android users discovered it's downside. I managed to unlock my phone solely with an recent picture of me.

Thats it for now on Android's main features, I will gladly respond to any questions anyone may have. Look out for my next article regarding a detailed review on Google's newest release, Ice Cream Sandwich.


Hardware Review: Samsung Galaxy S II

I am the very proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S II. This is a review solely of the hardware and not of Android.

The first thing you will notice is the large 4.3" inch SuperAmoled Plus display. It is beautiful in short. This was a huge selling point for me, and it has paid off for sure. The display is vivid, bright and colorful. 

Display-The 4.3" SuperAmoled Plus display goes a step beyond the already remarkable SuperAmoled to provide enhanced readability, a slimmer design, and better battery consumption.Pixel count stands at 800x480, which equates to 217 pixels per inch. This beautiful display is strongly protected by a Gorilla Glass screen which should mean that the screen is durable and not susceptible to scratches and knocks.

Processor-It packs a lightning fast punch, running a 1.2 GHz dual-core application processor that always performs. I run >20 applications at a time and still have rarely encountered any lag. 

Memory-It comes with either 16 or 32gb's of internal memory with an SD card slot offering a maximum of another 32gb's. This is obviously enough room to store masses of songs, pictures, documents, contacts etc etc. 

Weight and Depth-The handset is also remarkably slim as well measuring in at 8.49mm at it's thinnest point which leaves you feeling amazed every time you take it out. It has a nice re-assuring weight that reminds you of the powerful hardware slaving away.

Battery-The battery life is poor when using 3G and with display brightness at full, but this is to be expected with a Samoled+ display. It has a 3.7V Li-ion battery or a 1650mAh  which has an annoying tendency to over-heat when running alot of applications. 

Camera-The camera is an exceptional feature to the device. It is an 8MP full 1080p video recording monster and offers various settings and modes to further enhance your artistic elements. I have taken pictures in low light conditions with ease with the blinding LED flash. There is also a 2MP front-facing camera which offers users an easy Skype or Google Hangout experience. Although 2MP sounds like poor quality I can assure (as the owner of a Galaxy SII) you that it is more than adequate. 

Buttons-The device has replaced buttons on the screen with two soft-keys to navigate you back or show you the menu. I love this as it adds to the phone's astoundingly sleek look. As well as the two soft keys there is a physical home button neatly outlined with a metallic boundary. There is a volume rocker and a power button on the side of the phone that are satisfying and responsive to press.

Conclusion-I have had my GSII for around 4 months now and I couldn't be happier with it's hardware. The display is exactly what I wanted, the speakers are clear and audible and the handset feels great in your hand. I was disappointed however with the flimsy battery protector as were many other users. I also would have liked to see a glass body like we have seen on Apple's iPhone, but I am willing to compromise for Gorilla Glass.



Hardware Review: iPhone 4

Ever since Apple created the iPhone, they've never looked back. They have constantly updated and improved their phones. The first iPhone I ever purchased was the 3G. I loved this phone at the time, but I soon fell in love when I purchased the iPhone 4. Its sleek and stylish design is complimented by the way it runs. 

Display-The 3.5" Retina display is just immaculate! The only screen that could come close to the quality of picture is the Samsung Galaxy S II's SAMOLED Plus. With a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, its the highest-resolution phone screen ever. 

Processor-The 'A4' chip that the iPhone 4 uses as its processor certainly fits the bill of a good quality processor. It was designed to be powerful, yet efficient. It definitely is. They believe it is the key to the iPhone's extended battery life. This clever little chip enables the iPhone to have a multi-tasking feature, meaning you can have applications running in the background constantly, without the worry of system lag.

Memory-The iPhone 4 can be bought with either 16Gb, 32Gb or 64Gb of internal memory. Even with 16Gb, you can have lots of apps, along with thousands of songs and photo's.

Weight and Depth-With the iPhone 4 being only 9.3mm thick, its truly a joy to hold. It sits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It is not the thinnest phone on the market, but i believe it is a nice size. It weighs in total 137 grams, which makes it weighty enough to feel like it isn't going to be damaged easier, yet it isn't going to weigh your pocket down like a lead-balloon.

Battery-iPhone's are often scrutinised over their poor battery life, but with the 4, that's not the case. Like with nearly every other leading smartphone, it does need charging over night, but that is only after a day of playing music, playing games, calling, texting and using social networking sites.

Camera- The iPhone's 5 megapixel, does the job. It's nothing special, yet it still takes a wonderful photograph. Its clever rear illumination sensor makes it possible for you to take those heat of the moment snaps in low-light areas, which of course can be helped by the ever-bright LED torch. The front facing camera, is really the bare minimum. I have used it many a time, and I really do think it could be improved. When using the FaceTime feature, i find it quite blurry. 
Buttons-With no need for button due to the touch-screen, Apple have kept it as simple as possible. Due to its sleek design, Apple had to be clever with the design of buttons, and my gosh they were. The home button situated on the front digitizer never looks out of place, with its shiny finish which matched the glass. The two volume buttons on the left-side of the device are also a treat. Their rounded finish fits in sumptuously, along with the mute switch. I also like the way they made them the same colour as the bezel. Finally, the power button on top. Like the volume buttons, it is rounded and matches the colour of the bezel, which i think is nice, and very stylish.   

Conclusion-On the whole, it is a very pleasing phone to use, but it still has its down-falls. The fact that Apple first released it with a major signal fault was a terrible off-put. I've found when using a 3G connection all day, the battery life decreases rapidly. Worst of all, I believe the prices are ridiculous. Unless you are in the US, and on an AT&T contract, you are really going to be short-changed when buying an Apple phone. 



App review: Beautiful Widgets (Paid)

As the homepage plays such a central role on your Android device, Beautiful Widgets is there it make it look nicer, and be more informative. Now you can take your existing home screen and beautify it with widgets such as clocks with weathers, weather widgets, and a nice collection of toggle buttons to change the status of your devices features. Beautiful Widgets was the top paid application on Android for many months, selected by Google as an Android Editor's choice and first paid application to reach one million of downloads and for good reason.

The time is something everyone wants to keep track of and Beautiful Widgets makes it a pleasure to do so by focusing on mainly this, allowing you to skin your clock with a diverse range of themes. On top of this the clocks can also include data regarding the weather which, with more than 15 nice Weather Animations (rain, storm, etc) for your pleasure when tapping the weather icon from the widgets, is nice eye-candy while still being useful. 

This isn't all that Beautiful Widgets does, there are also a plethora of toggle buttons that you can place on your home screen, providing increased efficiency.

Despite all of these good aspects of the app, I am very hesitant to say that the app is worth the hefty price that comes with it, but if you can afford the price and are a customization fanatic, it's a good way to add to your home screen.



App Review: Homework (free)

As a student, organization is an important part of my everyday life. I found an application on the Android Marketplace that means I can merge my school life with my mobile device. 
Menu showing all features.

The app is called Homework and offers alot of great features for a student like me. Such as (obviously) a homework diary that will notify me when I should do homework, an exam section, a holiday planner, timetable, a mark list, a school website link and a lesson timeschedule. The UI is neatly presented and regularly updated. For any other students I'm sure this integration is more than welcome. There are re-sizable widgets that are interactive so that you can add in new homework as it comes.

The homework addition screen.
When you add in homework from the widget the application knows which lesson you're in and pre-programs the fill in form, which is very useful. Like I mentioned, you are given the option to set an alarm for your homework so that you can't forget about it as easily. 

Overall I am hugely impressed with Homework and rate it highly. I use it everyday and am yet to encounter a force close. 10/10 


The Homework Widget. 
My Timetable. 

App Review: iBooks

The interface of the App
We all love a good book, however we all hate the fact that we can't have that great book with us constantly. Apple came up with a solution, they gave us iBooks. This application allows you to download books straight to your iDevice. There's everything on the book store, from dictionaries to best-sellers.

I personally think this app is great as it has an easy-to-use and very eye-pleasing interface. When reading actual books, its really quite clever. You have great options such as using a page marker, using 'swipe' to flick through pages and the ability to zoom for those who have eye-sight issues.

There is one major issue I discovered with this application, this is the headaches.After about 30 minutes of reading, I would suffer minor headaches. I read online, and found that I wasn't the only one. I would recommend this app to anyone who has an interest in reading on-the-go! Got this app? Express your thought and opinions in the comments section below.


App review: Go Launcher EX (free)

Even the menu shows the potential for customization.  

The launcher is a big part of the Android experience. Since the launcher controls many things that are going to be very noticeable while using your device it’s hard to find one with all the features you need, but for me, Go Launcher EX is the way forward. Go Launcher EX is for customization addicts. The downloadable Market themes change more than just icons: they can also tweak the wallpaper, the app drawer, widgets, scroll-able docks and much more. It also has more fancy transitions than you can imagine. But for you advanced users, you can even make your own themes with a dedicated Windows application.

Of course, all this comes at the cost of performance. The performance definitely isn't bad or unstable, but if you have one of the slower phones then you may perhaps notice some lag, especially if you use the fancy transitions (which would be recommended). That said, if you like customizing your phone, I personally think worth a slight drop in smoothness.

Just like iOS, GO Launcher EX and Android supports folders. This is a feature that hasn’t been seen on very many launchers. You can create folders in two ways, via the menu button, or dragging apps on top of each other, iOS style. 

Overall, GO Launcher EX is a fantastic launcher for Android. It provides many features that aren't in other popular launchers, however some of these features may hold certain devices back in performance. The interface the Go Launcher EX Dev Team created is extremely easy to use yet still very functional and diverse. 



App Review: wp clock (free)

My wp clock arrangement. 
This is just to show you customization. 
About a week ago I decided that I needed a home-screen that was both tidy and well presented as well as being functional and aesthetically pleasing. After a little while scouring the market place I stumbled upon 'wp clock'. This is a free download with no adds that is truly perfect for me.

It has 15 language options, ability to customize the color and opacity of text, animations and transitions, background options and various other displays rather than just a clock. The image I have screen captured shows how I use it, I have Wi-Fi or 3G display along with battery percentage and the date and time. However, it is counted as a live-wallpaper and so probably uses alot of battery life (I can't say I have noticed this but possibly).

It looks sleek and well presented. An excellent app that functions exactly as it should. 10/10.