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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Broken Android Phone. (Service Review - O2)

It seems that the strains of everyday life on my phone have (partially) rendered it broken! My phone (International Samsung  Galaxy S2) is no longer recognizable to Kies (Samsung's mobile device software), as well as a faulty battery component. Now this article is uninteresting to anyone without my phone, although they probably aren't too interested in my problems either. So, I'm not writing this article to explain that phone's aren't indestructible. It's more of a O2 warranty test for all you other O2 users out there.

I took my busted device into my O2 on Sunday where I was warmly greeted and inquired about. The salesperson asked what my problem was and quickly prepared my device for repair. They offered me a temporary handset free of charge, but I rejected as I happen to have a spare iPhone (the subject of the next article). Since then, O2 are in contact with me via text message informing me exactly what stage my phone is at. So far, so good.

I'll update the blog each time I hear from O2 so you guys get a good idea of the type of service they provide us with. Thus far I have been tremendously happy with the free of charge repair O2 have offered me. They have sent it to their repair factory as they said they were more efficient than Samsung, and so far I can't fault that.


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