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Windows PC


Microsoft Windows was first founded on November 10th 1983 by its current C.E.O Bill Gates. The first released OS was version 1.0 and was released on November 20th 1985. Since then Windows has evolved into the most popular operating system in the world. With constant upgrades and changes it has flourished into a beautiful, functional and pleasing OS to use. 

I would say that Windows would serve as the best OS to a user who wants to run a lot of third-party programs on their device without the hassle of conversions or more downloads. Windows also appeals to those who aren't too technically able and so enjoy a simple yet functional OS.

Windows has many benefits including:

  • Compatibility with most programs available
  • Full gaming functionality 
  • Easy-to-use U.I
  • Doesn't require a high specification computer
  • Used by most people so operation knowledge is more common.


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