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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hardware Review: MacBook (2008)

The All White Finish Looks Great.
Doing a quick hardware review for you guys, had a couple of emails inquiring about my computer so thought I would oblige. I am currently operating the old-shape MacBook running Mac OS X. It has a 2.1 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core 2 processor supporting the 1GB of ram available. It has 120GB's of hard drive memory, although the stats aren't outstanding the operation is still smooth. As I rarely run any programs that are too tasking I don't encounter much lag, however I think the reason I don't run these programs is that I feel limited. However, as a student it makes a great little notebook. With the 13' inch display making it very portable and the candy white finish keeping the aesthetic appeal up you'll never feel disappointed when you look at it.

Overall, I am impressed with the build quality of my Mac, I use it everyday and there are no major impediments. I have all the ports I need, it was an affordable price and it operates nicely. When I can get a job I think I will upgrade to the latest edition MacBook Pro. What do you guys think? Is Mac the way ahead or should I give Windows another go?


Upgrade to a macbook pro)
Mac's are great to use and encounter a miniscule amount of problems in comparison to PC's I find.
OSX is far more simple than Windows when attempting to carry out more demanding tasks, it also just looks so... clean I suppose is the word im looking for. You almost want to lick the screen aha

Hi, I would love to upgrade to a Pro and hopefully will when I can. I agree with you completely, my mac always functions smoothly and like you said the aesthetic appeal of OS X is simply great. Love all customisation abilities, really allows the user to make their computer their own. Thanks for your comment LasquishaFatimaJnr.

Yeah, whatever! \m/
Haha seriously though, good review Max!
- Big J

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