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Sunday, 22 January 2012

App Review: iBooks

The interface of the App
We all love a good book, however we all hate the fact that we can't have that great book with us constantly. Apple came up with a solution, they gave us iBooks. This application allows you to download books straight to your iDevice. There's everything on the book store, from dictionaries to best-sellers.

I personally think this app is great as it has an easy-to-use and very eye-pleasing interface. When reading actual books, its really quite clever. You have great options such as using a page marker, using 'swipe' to flick through pages and the ability to zoom for those who have eye-sight issues.

There is one major issue I discovered with this application, this is the headaches.After about 30 minutes of reading, I would suffer minor headaches. I read online, and found that I wasn't the only one. I would recommend this app to anyone who has an interest in reading on-the-go! Got this app? Express your thought and opinions in the comments section below.



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