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Sunday, 22 January 2012

App Review: Homework (free)

As a student, organization is an important part of my everyday life. I found an application on the Android Marketplace that means I can merge my school life with my mobile device. 
Menu showing all features.

The app is called Homework and offers alot of great features for a student like me. Such as (obviously) a homework diary that will notify me when I should do homework, an exam section, a holiday planner, timetable, a mark list, a school website link and a lesson timeschedule. The UI is neatly presented and regularly updated. For any other students I'm sure this integration is more than welcome. There are re-sizable widgets that are interactive so that you can add in new homework as it comes.

The homework addition screen.
When you add in homework from the widget the application knows which lesson you're in and pre-programs the fill in form, which is very useful. Like I mentioned, you are given the option to set an alarm for your homework so that you can't forget about it as easily. 

Overall I am hugely impressed with Homework and rate it highly. I use it everyday and am yet to encounter a force close. 10/10 


The Homework Widget. 
My Timetable. 


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