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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

App Review: Temple Run (iOS)

A nice Aztec style icon.
I noticed my friend transfixed more than usual on his iPad yesterday and as I went to check what it was he was gaping at I first saw Temple Run. Temple Run is a fun, addictive app available for free download on the AppStore. 

The odd creatures mid pursuit.
The App is developers Imangi Studios most installed app and I can see why. The app makes full use of users processing power with 3D animations and high frame count per second. You are an explorer in a labyrinth-esque temple escaping the reach of some odd creatures. But thankfully you don't play this game for the riveting story line. The explorer is controlled with simple wipe and tilt controls that work perfectly. Using an original 3D running mechanics program the player turns, jumps, slides and tilts without effort or strain. Trust me, it makes for an excellent/addictive app perfect for any free time you have.

As you make progress in the temple you will collect coins which enable level-ups and perks. I like this feature as it did give me a reason to try again where I might otherwise just admit defeat. You have seven choices of an astray collection of characters available for the exchange of thousands of your collected coins.

A downside to the app however is that it is another app where although perks are available they are difficult to achieve without actually investing real money into a vast amount of coins. So bare this in mind when complimenting the developers generosity in keeping the app free of download charge. 

Overall I am thoroughly happy with my download and currently crave a spare few minutes to have another go. 




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