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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Review: Headphones Sennheiser CX300-II

So recently I lost my in-ear headphones so I decided to pick up a new pair. I stuck with what I knew and opted with Sennheiser. I've had them about a week now and they are tremendous,  I have used Sennheiser a few times before and now hold somewhat of an allegiance to them.

The CX300-ii's
I chose the successor to the acclaimed CX300's, excitingly named the CX300-II. I bought my pair, new, for £29.99 from Comet. Right out the box I got a lovely white leather pouch to keep them in. Subtly embossed is the Sennheiser logo. The pouch looks sleek with the noticeable replacement or a drawstring to a functional magnetic strip, all about the image with Sennheiser. They also came with 2 other sizes of buds so you have the most comfortable experience. The headphones were presented well, with chrome metal ghosting the buds. However, I was a little disappointed that the package looked dull on the shelf and failed to stand out at all. 

The chrome rims look great.
When I first used the headphones, I noticed that the buds were a perfect fit for me and that successfully cancelled out most background noise. It is important to note if considering buying these that the cable length for each satellite is different (the left one being the shortest one). The only explanation I could think of for this was if you keep your MP3 in a shirt pocket, if you know comment below please! This didn't hugely bother me as I do keep my device in my shirt, but you should bare it in mind when purchasing them. The sound quality is great with loads of bass, I listen to lots of genres and so far none have been lacking in quality. Obviously it supports a 3.5mm golden headphone jack which offers superb sound quality. 

Overall, considering contenders (Bose, Denon, AKG etc etc) I would rate this headphones as being Excellent. 8/10. They lose 2 marks for the mediocre packaging and for the odd cable length choice. Do you have these, comment below with your thoughts.



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