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Welcome to the section of TechToday dedicated to mobile phones. Here we will review OS's and devices.


I currently am an Android user, but I haven't always been. I'm currently using my first Google phone (Samsung Galaxy S II) having previously used iPhone's. The transition between iOS was a real eye-opener. I suddenly was made aware of the lack of customization available to iOS in comparison to that available on Android. 

The infamous droid.
I love my device and it's OS. It allows me to make my phone how I want it to be. I have the ability to switch between launchers as I like, or to skin my music players (I could continue) These features are fundamental to my experience now and I know that if I were to switch to iOS I would definitely miss them. However, that is not to say Android is faultless, definitely not. I often have applications force closing or find faulty apps on the market place. But, when I put it like that they are really just unremarkable.

Android is great for:

  • Customization.
  • Great layouts. 
  • Free applications.
  • Multi tasking.
  • Freedom
Android is bad for:
  • Reliable applications from the market.
  • Force closing applications.
  • Integration with non-google services 
  • Uniform designs of apps

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iOS: (Written by Tom Davies)

So we're all aware of the operating system of Apple products, iOS. Personally, I have used Apple products for a number of years. I have the original iPad, running on iOS 5.0.1 and I also have an iPhone 4 16GB running a custom iOS 5 as it's jailbroken. 

Although I use these items, I'll be the first to pick iOS' faults. The lack of customisation opportunities is definitely poor. When you purchase something, you want too make it your own, not keep it in its 'stock' state. One thing that I do love about Apple is the 'App Store'. I don't believe that any application market comes close, the quantity and quality of the applications is mind-blowing! 

As I'm the main iOS man at TechToday, I will happily answer any of your questions. I will also appreciate any idea's you have about articles for me, I'll do anything from DIY guides to application reviews!

iOS is great for:
  • Stability 
  • Functionality 
  • Great uniform layouts
  • Peace of mind
  • eco-system
iOS is bad for:
  • Customization. 
  • Compatibility with none Apple services. 
  • A lack of exciting application themes/layouts.
  • Costly applications.

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