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Windows PC/Macintosh

Welcome to the centre of computing at TechToday. Here you can catch up on the latest news, reviews, thoughts from us on computing specifically. Our team uses Mac OSX and Windows 7 Pro so we hope to be able to offer fair judgement in all of our articles. We hope you are completely satisfied with our content but if not please contact us at techtoday2012@googlemail.com


Microsoft Windows was first founded on November 10th 1983 by its current C.E.O Bill Gates. The first released OS was version 1.0 and was released on November 20th 1985. Since then Windows has evolved into the most popular operating system in the world. With constant upgrades and changes it has flourished into a beautiful, functional and pleasing OS to use.

Windows has many benefits including:

  • Compatibility with most programs available
  • Full gaming functionality 
  • Easy-to-use U.I
  • Doesn't require a high specification computer
  • Used by most people so operation knowledge is more common.


Macintosh OS was first released under the name Apple DOS Version 3.1 in 1978. However Steve Jobs had been made redundant of his position and it wasn't until 1997 that Jobs was re-acquired. Steve Jobs brought with him a lot of revolutionary features to computing technology. I find OSX to be an excellent operating system with a very friendly, attractive user interface. I love most aspects about OSX and it is my operating system of choice.

OSX had many benefits including:

  • An attractive user interface.
  • Intuitive Controls.
  • Excellent pre-installed programs.
  • Expansive customization.
  • Eco-system with other apple devices.


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