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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Accidental Reunion With iPhone.

As promised, an explanation as to my temporary phone whilst the Galaxy is out of action. But first, a bit of my phone history so we get some background knowledge. I of course started with a few regular phones (LG, Walkman, Nokia, etc etc) but at age 13 I proudly turned on my first smart phone device. 

I remember taking the new white iPhone 3G 16GB out of it's box for the first time, exciting days. So my relationship with Apple has developed with age since then, I initially loved my iPhone, faultless. But, my usage became ever more demanding and the 412 MHz CPU could not keep up, so after a little bit of Google'ing I discovered the Jailbreak. 

A jailbreak allows a user to 'extend' their capabilities, a long with a whole host of other things. Soon enough, my device looked like a whole new phone. I did it because I was bored of my device looking like anyone elses, with a jailbreak I could change that and so my love for the iPhone started again.

But in the years to come, the mobile device OS market would change dramatically, R.I.M would make way for the might of Google. It became apparent that iPhone's would soon be outdated, sure they would still be excellent phones with an outstanding quality of build, but never the less, they would be outplayed. Android released a plethora of fantastic devices in an attempt to out do Apple, and personally, I think they achieved their goal.

The tipping point (as such) for me, came in March 2010. After 
the new iPhone 4 had been announced Samsung bit back with the revolutionary Galaxy S. This phone changed things for Apple, it heralded the most respected range of phones in Android's armory only to be succeeded by the creatively named Galaxy SII. These phones (for me) blew Apple out of the water, they worked so well, looked great and best of all they weren't restricted by Apple's hard to break loose iOS platform!

So after that brief history of my mobile past, I did invest in Android as you know, and I don't regret it at all. The point is for 1 week (O2 claim) I'm back on iOS while my Android is fixed.

So far, I miss my phone. I still have the same problems with iOS but having said that I still enjoy the same reliable user experience merged with practical little features and neat transitions every so often. But I can't seem to shake loose the annoyance or restriction. No SD card support, no themes, no launchers, it looks like every other iPhone - again.

So I'll keep you guys updated on my experience with iOS and let you know of any changes in heart.



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