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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

App review: Circle Launcher (free)

Like many users I like to keep my maximum screens on my launcher to a low number, regardless of whether this applies to you or not, Circle Launcher can definitely help you organize your home screen while maintaining a clean look.

The app is very easy to use. Choose which screen you want it on, long press, choose widget, pick circle launcher. Done. You have 4 size widgets to choose, from a 1x2 to customizing how large you want it to appear. Once you pick your size widget, you’ll be provided a menu:

  • Launcher Type gives you the choice to launch apps, contacts, and bookmarks

  • Selected apps is to scroll through your applications, contacts, and bookmarks

  • Launcher style is to pick if your apps, contacts, and bookmarks are launched in a circle or a vertical or a horizontal line (vertical and horizontal choices are only for the paid version)

  • Launcher icon gives you your color choices for the circle screen widget or choose your own icon.
This app really comes in handy if you tend to have a good number of games installed like I do (I have around 23 right now installed). One cool feature is that you can set a blur background in the settings so that your background goes translucent and your app choices pop out.

To conclude, Circle Launcher adds well-needed functionality  and organization to the app-laden home screen many of us have to confront when we unlock our screens.


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