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Sunday, 22 January 2012

App review: Beautiful Widgets (Paid)

As the homepage plays such a central role on your Android device, Beautiful Widgets is there it make it look nicer, and be more informative. Now you can take your existing home screen and beautify it with widgets such as clocks with weathers, weather widgets, and a nice collection of toggle buttons to change the status of your devices features. Beautiful Widgets was the top paid application on Android for many months, selected by Google as an Android Editor's choice and first paid application to reach one million of downloads and for good reason.

The time is something everyone wants to keep track of and Beautiful Widgets makes it a pleasure to do so by focusing on mainly this, allowing you to skin your clock with a diverse range of themes. On top of this the clocks can also include data regarding the weather which, with more than 15 nice Weather Animations (rain, storm, etc) for your pleasure when tapping the weather icon from the widgets, is nice eye-candy while still being useful. 

This isn't all that Beautiful Widgets does, there are also a plethora of toggle buttons that you can place on your home screen, providing increased efficiency.

Despite all of these good aspects of the app, I am very hesitant to say that the app is worth the hefty price that comes with it, but if you can afford the price and are a customization fanatic, it's a good way to add to your home screen.




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