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Thursday, 9 February 2012

App Review: Speedx 3D

So we all enjoy showing off our mobile devices whilst killing time by playing games right? But to what extent does one actually enjoy what they play? I have thought that we play them because they are all that are available to us so we embrace them whole heartedly, but the truth is is that there are very few games that are actually very good on the market! However, the game I'm going to review for your guys is most definitely an exception.

Speedx 3D is a simple enough concept with graphics similar to the vast franchise game series WipeOut. You make full use of your phone's accelerometer with gyroscopic navigational controls (tilt to turn). The game runs fluidly on my phone with no lag at all, the levels are engaging and amusing. And too answer our previous dilemma it really does entertain me! The levels are versatile and fun with changing texture's and tracks all animated with neat transition affects. I thoroughly enjoy Speedx 3D and would recommend it to anyone who plays games on their phone (Android). 

Under the settings menu there is a unique feature that allows the user to actually enhance the 3D graphics with Stereo 3D performance. Grab a pair of red-cyan or green-magenta 3D glasses and your experience becomes even more immersive and enjoyable! Such a fantastic unique feature.  

Do any of you have this game? Do you like it as much as we do? Let us know in the comments section below.



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