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Macintosh OS was first released under the name Apple DOS Version 3.1 in 1978. However Steve Jobs had been made redundant of his position and it wasn't until 1997 that Jobs was re-acquired. Steve Jobs brought with him a lot of revolutionary features to computing technology. I find OSX to be an excellent operating system with a very friendly, attractive user interface. I love most aspects about OSX but that is not to say it is flawless. 

I am disappointed when a program I want to download is not mac compatible (which is too often unfortunately). OSX is also considered to be more difficult to use than windows to the everyday user, however I would disagree. Although, yes the interface is different, I think that it is an improvement. OSX offers gesture support for simple navigation between programs leaving your screen looking clean and tidy. Customisation is far more present on OSX than most Apple operating systems giving the user far more opportunities to personalise his/her computers beyond a background. Mac also organises and present your folders and documents neatly making what could be a chaotic area easy and negotiable. 

As a pose to a windows task-bar Apple has two 'full-time' tool bars. You have a command bar at the top of programs with your standard control buttons. You then also have a dock with your favourite applications on them for easy access.

OSX's Application Dock.

OSX had many benefits including:

  • An attractive user interface.
  • Intuitive Controls.
  • Excellent pre-installed programs.
  • Expansive customization.
  • Eco-system with other apple devices.


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