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iOS is apple's contribution to the mobile market and is the second most used OS on the mobile market. Having used iOS I fully understand its appeal. It's simple, well structured and secure. In comparison to my Android device I rarely encountered force closing applications or poorly designed market apps. It's simple, easy-to-use design functions almost flawlessly.

iOS 5.
If you own other Apple products your iPhone will seamlessly merge your contacts, media, messages, photos and calendar entries with your other devices making sure your always up to date. With it's latest install (iOS 5) further tools and functions were added to the already rich selection. 

One of these updates was a notification center comprising all emails and messages for easy reading and viewing. A inter-device messaging service called iMessenger allowed all Apple product users to communicate via an official I.M service. These I.M apps have lately become hugely popular amongst smartphone users but I simply don't understand the appeal. Most smartphone users (contract) have masses of text messages permitted on their contract anyhow? (If you use any alternative I.M service, I would be interested to hear why. Comment below) Apple upgraded it's eco-system in iOS5 giving iPhone users cloud storage for optimal integration of data between devices. 

The latest generation of iPhone.
However, iOS is also flawed in certain respects as well. For instance there is a scarce amount of available customization for users to tweak. As far as customization goes with Apple a wallpaper and a lockscreen photo is all you will officially be able to get. But why would you want to change from an already stable and functioning OS you ask? Because it's your phone and you should surely be able to customize it as you please.

It is obvious to see that iOS is an astoundingly good OS for users who want simple yet functional phones. However, for users who crave a little customization you may be disappointed. 



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