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Thursday, 26 January 2012

News: Kinect-droid?

An ingenious Android developer has brought the motion control abilities of the Xbox 360-Kinect and paired them with his Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Pretty cool right?

The kit used.
You would think that it would be hugely complicated but actually it seems relatively simple. He connected his Kinect to a Windows PC running 'Simple Kinect Touch'. This program sends TUIO commands to his Nexus running TuioForAndroid. These commands are then translated right in to the phone's direct OS as touch events allowing complete control over his Nexus. All he has to do then is connect his device to a projector through an MHL converter for the actual display. 

N.B If you want to attempt this your device has to be rooted
       as it requires a custom ROM allowing system access so
       the commands can be injected in to touch events. 

I think that this is a really cool idea and that if he used a good tablet it would be so much more useful. However, I'm not as convinced about using a phone. Not only does it render the beautiful Samoled+ HD display useless during usage but I just can't think why I would want it other than to view media. Still though, a very cool little setup. What do you think?


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